We are all Mina Daniel. We are all Khaled Said.

Look at this picture… how can it be possible to say that one can see a world of difference between the two grieving mothers? Actually if you aren’t an expert in Egyptian head wear, are you able to tell me who is the mother of the Christian and who is the mother of the Muslim? Could it be the way it is tied around the head…? Or perhaps the length of the scarf?

I am so angry. I can’t get over it. How dare they? I mean the shooting, the snipers, the crushing by tanks, the torture and the horrible ugly abject poverty are already too much to handle, and now I am supposed to hate Copts? Now, I am supposed to define them as the other. the other who is different than me, the other I should protect myself against? Well, I won’t. I refuse.

What if I seriously do not see the big difference? This is not tolerance speaking, nor is it intellectual musing or good breeding and manners – I seriously and honestly do not see the big difference. I mean who cares if you pray with your head on the ground or with your hands in the air? Who cares if you believe that Jesus rose up from the dead or that he never was crucified or that he never existed? Why should I care? Why should it matter to anybody but yourself? Go ahead, call me a kafera, an unbeliever. I don’t care, you don’t scare me. The God I believe in doesn’t like fascists.

Hope is hanging by a thin thread, I know what can happen, I know we are not immune regardless of our insistence on unity. We are in danger, in real grave danger. But still, we cling obstinately on, if only because of the belief in that without hope, no drive, and without drive, no change, no relief for Egypt, no relief for Palestine, no relief for those who suffer. But it is a constant battle to keep any faith in humanity, any faith in anything at all, and I fear that  if this whole revolution thing doesn’t work, if Mina Daniel died in vain, hope and light will be lost forever. So this has to work. There is no other choice.

Mina, Khaled, I did not know you, but I mourn you. All of Egypt mourns you. We will never forget, we will fight.

يسقط يسقط حكم العسكر

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3 Responses to We are all Mina Daniel. We are all Khaled Said.

  1. bjiqbal@yahoo.co.uk says:

    Thankyou for posting this – I hope many more people share your views

  2. I am not Egyptian, but I love your country, and can only offer condolences and support to those who want to keep faith with the spirit of Tahrir Square. Looking for justice – and living a multi-faith, multicultural Manchester. [Well we do have bigots here too – but I simply shun them]

    • sotarflickan says:

      Thank you Barbara for your kind words. The situation in Egypt, as expected, is very difficult now, we are fighting against very strong forces, so we still need the support of friends around the world. And don’t worry, very many people share my views – hundreds of thousands walked the street in mourning after what happened in Maspiro, and even more are taking a strong stand against the army for this outright massacre and their clear incitement to secular violence. It is unforgivable and we will never forget.

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