A call for solidarity, a call for help

Police violence in Tahrir (image from The Guardian, click on image for link)

To all my non-Egyptian friends: if there ever was a time to stand in solidarity with the Egyptian people now would be the time. Demand from your leaders to immediately end all support, economic and military, of the military dictatorship in Egypt. Demand from your leaders to protest loudly against the violence against protesters in Tahrir and other squares in Egypt, demand the end of military tribunals for civilians, the clampdown on media and freedom of press, and the end of all torture in military prisons.

We have the right to a civilian government, we have the right to choose our own leaders, and to assemble and say and do whatever we please. We have the right to freedom, just like you do. Today has been a horrendously violent day in Tahrir, who knows how many killed, and over a thousand injured – why? Because we do not accept the military dictatorship that has been tread upon our heads with the full support of the international community. We do not accept to pay the price of the stability of the “strategic interests in the region” of the rich part of the world, the same interests that bombed Gaza and destroyed Iraq. We say: no! Now, you, it’s your turn: you tell your leaders: no! Tell them that you don’t want the military dictatorship to be your ally, no matter how much oil it costs. Tell you leaders to defend the values your democracies are based on: humanism, equality and the sanctity of human life. Indignez-vous goddamnit. Stand with us. Help us. We need it. You need it. The whole world needs it.

Scenes the brutality of the police and armed forces in Tahrir today

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