Free Tarek Shams

Free Tarek Shams

Another Egyptian activist, Tarek Shams, has now been arrested (actually in this case went in voluntarily for questioning and never came back out again) for some bogus alleged offence. Again another randomly chosen activist is to serve as the military dictatorship’s scapegoat for its atrocities against its own people. From #FreeAlaa to #FreeMaikel to #FreeAmr to #FreeTarek, what’s next?  #FreeAll80MillionEgyptians?

Here is Tarek’s story:

(copied from Free Tarek Shams support page, please join and support Tarek’s fight for freedom, and please spread the word)

Tarek Shams is detained solely for exercising his right to freedom of expression. He is accused (and has been taken into custody) in the police investigation of the case of the Cabinet Sit-in events in Cairo (Magles al-Wuzara).

The only evidence against him is a youtube video showing him shouting at other civilians “and so why should they put it out” when the officials of the Roads and Bridges Agency had themselves left their building to burn, and then he moved away.

Tarek did not commit any criminal act according to the law. Tarek did not hold or throw any rocks. Tarek did not attack anyone or burn anything. Tarek did not prevent anyone from putting off the fire.

The Interior Ministry of Egypt has leveled five accusations against Tarek. Among them are: Attacking Police and Army forces, destruction of public property, and setting fire to the Scientific Institute. All the accusations are based on a a few seconds of a video clip, in which Tarek is saying “and so why should they put it out” … “after an hour and a half”.

Tarek Shams is falsely accused of five fabricated offenses. The proof being used against him is in reality a proof of his innocence: the video in which he appears for a few seconds, and speaks the words in an outburst. Tarek handed himself in to authorities, because he is certain of his innocence.

Tarek’s alleged offense is a word he has spoken!

Tarek Shams is a father of two children, Jana and Hassan. He worked as Sales Manager in a real estate company (Damac), and before that was a General Manager of the Four Seasons hotel.

Again the military tries to intimidate those who dare to stand against it by arrests, beatings and torture, again it will not work. Tarek Shams will walk free, as will Maikel and Amr and all the remaining 12 000 prisoners of the  military dictatorship. And the military dictatorship will fall, the demands for freedom and social justice will not just simply fade away.

#FreeTarekShams and يسقط يسقط حكم العسكر

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