Successes of the revolution are all around us

Just came back from a meeting with my friends and comrades here in Paris where we were planning the upcoming demonstrations to commemorate the start of our glorious revolution, to honour those who have given their lives, eyes and limbs for our freedom, those who are unjustly imprisoned in the military’s prisons for daring to oppose Mubarak’s generals, and vowing to continue until victory. I feel inspired and I feel alive (does anyone remember what it was like before 2011?).

I am reminded of something my wise brother told me yesterday: the successes of the revolution are all around us. Yes, I believe they are. The fact that all these different people and organisations, brought together by January 25th 2011, are now sitting together, working together and laughing together is a success. The creativity, drive and friendship I felt today is another success. Come what may, at least we are experiencing this – at least we are experience life as we believe it should be lived. And that in itself is a success.

We demand the end of the military regime, we demand the power to choose our own leaders, and to write our own constitution and laws. We vow to continue until the demands of the revolution are met: Bread, Freedom and Social Justice for all citizens of Egypt, for all citizens of the world.

Until victory, hasta la victoria siempre, thawra thawra 7atta alnasr

With these heartfelt words I bid you all a good night

Graffiti "The revolution continues", Qasr el 3einy street, Cairo, photo by Hossam el-Hamalawy (

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