The irony of it all…

The irony of it all… Mohamed Gaber, 17 years old, was shot at and killed on the first anniversary of the massacre that took place on the same street, the street that holds large beautiful murals, erased time after time by the authorities only to be repainted within hours with new works of art expressing life, courage, strength and rebellion, constantly reminding us of the faces and names of those who have given up their lives for their basic rights of freedom from terror, random justice, and excruciating social injustice.

The irony of it all… the forces that shot and killed Mohammad Gaber are the same forces that defended Mubarak and his cronies, ironically called Security Forces. The security of thieves and murderes, their army waging war against its people who seek bread, freedom and social justice.

The irony of it all… in this same week, the military forces that shot at Mohammad Gaber last year in this street are the same forces that opened fire on the poor residents of an island in the Nile to forcefully expel them from their homes. The same military forces who pretend that Israel that evicts Palestinians from their homes and bombs them from the sky is their enemy, while their real enemy is the people of Egypt, the young who are fighting for a future and human dignity, the poor who refuse to starve and die in silence.

The irony of it all… in the same week 47 school children in Egypt lost their lives due to criminal horrific negligence and lack of basic emergency supplies in Egyptian state hospitals while the military buys weapons for billions. Ironically, these weapons can never, due to the Camp David agreement we have been told is a peace agreement, be a match to or be more advanced than that of our warring neighbouring country.

The irony of it all is that these issues, all this violence, injustice and heartache, are not our biggest problems. We are being distracted from the real issues by blood. And so are you.

But don’t get me wrong, irony does not break us, we have only just got started… And the irony of it all, in spite of numerous declarations of the death of the revolution, in spite of most of us believing that to be true, it has never been stronger and we have never been more fit for fight.

Rest in peace Mohammad Gaber, you will not be forgotten.

Mohammad Gaber, shot in the head during the first anniversary of the massacre that took place in the same street last year, Mohammed Mahmoud street. Mohammad died of his injuries today, 17 years old.

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